Backup Progress

The backup transfer has completed from our offsite backup service. I’m now making a second copy of the backup locally before attempting to restore. This should take about 30 minutes.

Once that’s finished, I’ll be attempting to load up the backup as the live system and be back up and running again.

All mail received between Saturday night (late) and yesterday around noon or so will unfortunately be lost. If everything works right, all mail, contacts, calendars, documents, etc, saved prior to Saturday night should be intact.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Will the “lost” email generate a failed notice to the sender? We replied to some inbound email yesterday morning before it went down again – are you saying even those emails will be removed from our account & unavailable?

    • We restored a backup from late Saturday night. Anything done since then will appear as though it never happened. However, mail coming IN to the server should “soft bounce” at the sender’s server and eventually come in to your account.

      I’m just in the process of getting this put back together. Please stand by.

  2. Hey Dave – can now see email, but can’t connect to server to send anything. Any updated estimate of time on finishing up the move?


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